Adelaide – the bohemian wedding dress for the laid back bride.

Dreamers and Lovers Bohemian Brides Beautifully Wearing Adelaide on their Wedding day.
Looking and feeling beautiful is a bride’s utmost priority on her wedding day, and this is where a dress design that fits your personality comes in.

For the laidback bride, we have created our Adelaide gown. It is the epitome of beauty, elegance, romance, and relaxed beauty. Crafted in an exquisite stretch lace, it is soft and lightweight. Brides to be are often in shock when they put it on, and immediately feel like they can move, and then once they waltz to the mirror, they are amazed with the miracle of the lines created by the patchwork designs. The lines frame the figure beautifully.

With any lace dress, care should be taken with choosing one that is without the crunchy, stiff, itchy feeling. Laces of an inferior quality can usually be described with those adjectives. The Adelaide gown is created from a cotton, lycra blend that just feels light and dreamy to wear.

We understand that one size does not fit all, and while the dress is flattering, not all brides-to-be have the same figure proportions, and so we create the dress to your body. We request a set of custom measurements, and then we carefully and passionately create the dress in our design studio for the special woman who will be wearing it.

Most of our brides never try the dress before ordering, and with a leap of faith, and trusting our process, they order it and have it shipped. We receive raving reviews from our brides about how beautiful they felt thanks to our stunning Adelaide dress