David and Tori’s Love Story

  • By Jen Hart
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Some workplace romances do indeed have a silver lining, as David and Torieanne proved on their wedding day. Looking at wedding video of this couple-in-love at their alter in the middle of the woods, Tori’s magnificent lace wedding dress against that lush garden backdrop are a match made in boho-heaven!


The stars aligned for them more than 6 years ago when they met on the job at Target on the Gold Coast of Australia. Dave had been there for a few years when Torieanne started out as a cashier. Torieanne vividly remembers the sharing of a ‘moment’ whilst checking their rosters for the upcoming week. Dave remembers how he helped Torieanne at the registers on a busy Christmas day all those years ago.


6 Years later they were still an item and more in love than ever. When Tori went touring the US with a best friend over Christmas, Dave came to the realization that he never wanted to be without her. He designed and ordered a gorgeous custom ring from a Brisbane jewelry store and started to plan the perfect proposal.


On Tori’s return, they attended the comedy festival in Brisbane, followed by a romantic dinner along the river. Dave snuck off to the car and secretly stashed the ring in his pocket. They were just enjoying an after dinner stroll through the riverside park, when they paused for a moment under a rather impressive tree. Silently, he dropped to his knee and asked her hand, Tori was, of course, powerless to refuse.


The couple decided on an intimate ceremony, 90 of their nearest and dearest family and friends. On their hunt for the perfect venue they visited Ecostudio Fellini on Australia’s Gold Coast. It was laid back and sophisticated at once and they knew from the get-go that this was to be their venue. They fell in love with the welcoming garden setting, right in the heart of nature, with a sleek and stunning canapés section and reception room.

David & Torie from Motion Colour on Vimeo.


Tori, like so many hopeful brides-to-be, had a clear mental image of her dream dress (backless, in soft luxurious lace), she spent many a day and night feverishly searching the net for a dress that fitted the bill. As fate would have it, she came across the Dreamers and Lovers website, with their range of exquisite bohemian wedding dresses. Tori took one look at the Alice Backless Lace Gown and fell instantly in love with its mesmerizing boho design; it was her dream dress and more, far exceeding her expectations. She loaned the sample dress to Australia and made contact with the designer, Yanique. From there on out it was all smooth sailing. Finding a dress she was truly comfortable in was an absolute relief.


The simple backless wedding dress fit the venue and vision perfectly, laid back yet sophisticated.

The five bridesmaids were also dressed in white, with the groom and groomsmen in subdued navy blue with brown accessories. All wedding flowers were green and white, with berries and native Australian centerpieces. Their choices complemented the wooden features and scenery at the venue, adding to the rustic charm without being excessive.


The energy throughout the day was pure magic. The couple’s siblings did special readings in honor of Dave’s Grandparents and Torieanne’s Pa, who’d passed in recent years. One of the couple’s closest friends, Carl, acted as celebrant. Delivering a heartwarming ceremony that left most of the guests quite teary eyed. The couple agrees that they are unable to pick one element of the day that stood out as their favorite, everything was perfect.


Tori provided some invaluable advice to wedding planners: don’t get caught up in the small details! Tasty food, rad dance-moves and the best company…everything else is a bonus!

Relax and enjoy every moment. Breathe in the imperfections of the day and laugh with your future husband throughout the whole process. Remember that the day is about the love you share with each other. All of the finer details will be forgotten but if you are able to smile, slow time, eat, dance and enjoy the special moments with all of your loved ones, these elements together will be forever cherished.