Dreamy Beach Bohemian Wedding

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We here at Dreamers & Lovers love looooove looooove weddings, especially those unconventional weddings where the couple totally turns their backs on tradition, and somewhere along there our alternative wedding dresses should come in to play. (:-) Just kidding). Well today this beautiful bohemian wedding happened on the beach in San Diego, La Jolla, California to be more precise. This bride is truly special to me, as she is one of the few brides I had the chance to actually fit myself and connected with, in person. She has a larger than life personality, and just loads of fun, and I am sure by now you have zoomed in on that trait.

nicole bohemian wedding


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From the moment I met Nicole, I knew she was exactly the type of girl the Dreamers & Lovers line was designed for.  Her engagement ring was unlike anything I had ever seen. Her story was captivating. She lives in a be achy town, in fact, the ocean is her backdrop.  She is simply a woman that is laid back, original, and could care less about giving in to the demands of the traditional wedding industry. In retrospect, I could never picture her in a big poufy dress.

She looks gorgeous in our lace bell sleeve gown, the epitome of how you envision a bohemian wedding dress to look like. It has a rustic and free spirited look to it. She had us make the slip shorter, and I love the way it looks. Don’t you agree?

The background of the beach feels calming and harmonious, and the decor and flowers just sets the tone for a bohemian wedding fairytale. It just seems to fit her style and personality perfectly.





The photographer captured the moments so well. It all appears very stress-free, and without the bloated feelings of rituals and materialism. You can totally see the love spilling out of the photos. It is heart stoppingly beautiful.

If you are reading this and is a more traditional bride, it is fine to go that route if that is who you truly are. We here at Dreamers & Lovers live for the unconventional weddings like the one we are oohing and aahing over here. I get weak in the knees for the beach, so when I opened my inbox to these breathtaking photos and a truly gorgeous bride and groom, pure excitement took over me.



We wish them a lifetime of happiness with more great times than they could ever hope for.

Nicole, thank you for sharing your remarkable dreamy bohemian beach wedding with us.

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