Elopement Wedding Dresses to Love Now

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Eloping is a Dream Come True.

Elopement wedding dress ideas for the bride planning an intimate, simple, and more casual wedding ceremony. Whether eloping in a national park, a friend’s backyard, or a vacation rental; don’t skimp on your wedding look. Most brides choosing an elopement wedding dress, opt for more casual wedding dresses. You should choose a dress that makes you feel empowered, confident, and your most beautiful, regardless of where you are choosing to elope. The beauty of eloping is the newfound freedom you will have to plan all aspects of your wedding. It’s your choice, so make your dreams come true.

Congrats on deciding to elope. We’re happy you’re here. Whether this was a last-minute decision as a result of plans changing, or you’ve never wanted a large wedding, know that elopements are at the height of popularity, and for a good reason. They are low-key, and best of all, you can focus solely on celebrating the love between you and your partner. With that said, it is still essential to look and feel your best self. Choose a dress that will set the stage for your story. It has to reflect your style and a reflection of your uncompromising good taste. The venue will also set the scene for the look and feel of the dress you choose.

If opting for an adventure elopement, be sure your dress is comfortable to hike in. If eloping in a courthouse, you may want to opt for a more low-key style that is more in line with the venue. Many of our brides have eloped wearing our dresses. It’s only natural because our gowns are low key but still dreamy and breathtaking for photos. I will repeat it, your dress is super important. You’ve most likely (and we think you should), invested in a talented photographer, and these are the images you will be sharing with your friends and families. Choose a dress that is YOU, comfortable, and breathtaking.


Simone Wedding Dress |Jasper K Photos


Simone Elopement Wedding Dress |Jasper K Photos


Simone Long Sleeve Backless Wedding Dress


Jasper K Photography

Should Your Dress Have a Train?

Many brides are usually concerned about wearing a dress that has a train. We always suggest choosing a dress that has a train. Trains make great photos, in fact, the dreamiest photos. The important thing is, be sure your dress has a bustle and a wristlet option. If you love any of the dresses on this page, or from our collection, all of these dresses come with both options, a bustle, and a wristlet. After the ceremony and photos, you can pin up the train. Don’t feel like doing the bustling, then use the wristlet to comfortably hold the train up while you hike or walk to your elopement destination. Might I add, the wristlet is cool for photos. It has a laidback elegant feel when brides have the dress held on their wrist and is an excellent, seemingly nonchalant photo.

In addition to bustling concern, we hear brides voicing the fears of the dress getting dirty. Our advice is, let it get dirty. Don’t even think about the dirt. Think only of the life-changing experience of your elopement, and being present in the seismic love of you and your partner. Think how lucky you are, to have found the love of your life, and what fun to have. You can always search up a good dry-cleaner later. The beauty of cotton laces is grass, and dirt stains will come out.


Violetta Wedding Dress | Elizabeth Wells Photo


Violetta Wedding Dress | Elizabeth Wells Photo


Violetta Long Sleeves Backless Wedding Dress


Elizabeth Wells Photo

The Correct Length of Your Dress

Another vital thing to consider is the length of your dress. While it should kiss the floor, you don’t want it being too long in the front or dragging. Too long, could easily be a hazard, so avoid this. Again, our wedding dresses are to your measurements, so this is something you would avoid by providing us the correct length measurement. While the train is bustled, there is no fix on the day for the front length being too long. It isn’t fun holding up your dress all day, so avoid this at all costs.

All the dresses featured are tagged below and are available for your elopement wedding.


Simone Dress| Chuy Photos


Simone Dress – Available Now| Chuy Photos


Simone Long Sleeves Wedding Dress


Chuy Photos

Boho Elopement Dress for a National Park?

Eloping in a national park is a dream come true for so many brides. You get the most picturesque views and without an excess of rules. Win-win!! The same way a boho elopement dress allows you to show off your personality, a national park helps to tell your unique story as a couple. Many Dreamers & Lovers brides have eloped in national parks, and they echo the same sentiment; besides the beauty of the park, it was so easy and cost-effective. We love no-hassle elopements. Sign us up! You pay a small fee, usually less than $200, reserve the site, and Voila, dream elopement venue booked. If you’re planning to elope at Joshua Tree, here is the link to reserve your elopement site. The process would be the same for eloping in most national parks.

elopement dress ideas Joshua tree

boho elopement dress Joshua Tree


Samantha Bell Sleeves Backless Wedding Dress


Alyssa Marie Photos

TLDR: Don’t Skimp On Your Elopement Wedding Dress

The key takeaway is, an elopement doesn’t mean you skimp on choosing a fantastic dress, or a photographer for that matter. Where you are eloping will set the stage for what type of gown to wear. Ultimately the dress you choose must reflect your style, and you must look like the best version of yourself wearing it. Think of what a fantastic day your elopement will be, and all the compliments you’ll receive from your fiance, friends, and loved ones! Congrats bride-to-be.


Hayley Wedding Dress | I-Coronado Photography


Hayley Wedding Dress | Amanda Vaelynn Photos


Hayley Backless Flowy Wedding Dress


Amanda Vaelynn Photos 

Short Wedding Dresses We Love for a Courthouse Elopement


Diana Midi Length Dress | For Love and Light

Halley-long-sleeve lace-mini-dress-open-back

Halley Lace Mini Dress | For Love and Light

Halley-lace-bodycon mini-dress-with-long-sleeves

Halley Lace Mini Dress | Photo: For Love and Light


Daniela Lace Mini Dress | Photos: For Love and Light



Diana Midi-Length Elopement Wedding Dress

Halley Bell Sleeve Mini Dress

Daniela Lace Mini Dress


For Love and Light