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On the 8th of August 2015 Jordan and Casey celebrated the culmination of their turbulent love story in quintessential boho style and simplicity. The two share an interesting history together, having met at the tender age of 19, trust has been broken and regained and they’ve parted ways more than once, there’s even been a romantic inter-state pursuit. The smiling young couple, who seem destined for each other, are no strangers to the fact that life is not just blue skies and sunshine…although it was exactly that on the day of their free-spirited, Bohemian Florida wedding.

Relaxing on a private beach, a picnic packed and books in hand; Jordan had typed his proposal out on an old fashioned typewriter, a gift he’d given Casey that Christmas. He got down on one knee and as they say, the rest is history.


Having graduated as a social worker, Casey’s always been open-hearted, with wholesome ideals; she’s an embracer of life in times of both trial and glory. She’s always been a people pleaser but managed to step out of the box and consider her own tastes for a change whilst planning their special day. It was to be a day filled with simple pleasures, far from the gaudy excessiveness traditionally associated with wedding days.

A key feature of that simplicity was to be Casey’s choice of a wedding dress, she knew she wasn’t going to find what she was looking for in a traditional bridal boutique, nor was she willing to bankrupt herself on a dress in which she’d feel uncomfortable all day. Luckily her mom had been scanning the web and had come across a site that epitomizes Casey’s laid-back, feminine style of boho-chic.

Dreamers & Lovers offers an exquisite range of bohemian wedding dresses at affordable prices and the site even offers a try-on-at-home option which Casey made use of. Casey ordered two simple wedding dresses to try out and was delighted to find exactly what she was looking for; she fell instantly in love with her boho-chic Catherine dress.

Two of Jordan’s favorite memories of the day are the way Casey’s hair smelled and the feminine charm of that simple wedding dress. The backless, short-sleeved boho wedding dress, in soft comfortable lace from top to tip, trailed gently on the ground as she walked and made the memories truly seem like something out of a fairytale.


The free-thinking lovers used the opportunity to get creative and save a little money by planning every aspect of the wedding themselves. One of Casey’s fondest memories is of Jordan surprising her on their special day with a Polaroid Camera for them to take pre-hitching photos of one another and Casey couldn’t have looked more radiant than she did in that lovely boho dress.

The bohemian charm continued with memorable wedding favors of home made maple syrup in crafted glass bottles and a wedding cake lovingly made by Casey’s baking-savvy roommate.


The couple chose an outdoor setting, which took a little extra work, but in the end it was well worth their efforts. The reception was held just steps from the ceremony and the Spanish moss and trees were the ultimate backdrop for wedding photos and videos they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives.


The air was rich with the smell of herbs from Casey’s alternative choice of floral bouquets and arrangements as the couple promised themselves to each other with beautiful hand-written vows. “I will always seek to know your heart and understand your perspective with tenderness,” a line from Jordan’s vows that Casey’s unlikely to forget.

Photographer & Videographer Love Flora Fauna

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Congrats to this beautiful couple.