You’re meant to be a Bohemian Bride

  • By Jen Hart
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Nine Signs that you’re meant to be a Bohemian Bride

• You’re a free thinker, not a follower: You’re an old soul, a free thinker. You believe in true, incandescent beauty and not pinned on, over the top pageantry. You visualise a day of simple pleasures, the sound of a soft breeze and birds behind a laid back guitar or cello under the trees or on the beach.

• You love beautiful things but don’t want to break the bank: To you, rustic means charming and not cheap. Scatter some old Persian rugs under the trees, bedeck your old wooden picnic table with candles, wildflowers and a Turkish coffee set and bring along your eclectic mix of chairs, pillows and indian drapes from home. Voila, rustic bohemian luxury!

• You Love the mix of vintage boho and modern: If you’ve ever noticed the difference between the vintage style lace or silk of dreams and the scratchy, synthetic looking, heavyweight wedding garb you’re likely to find at bridal boutiques; chances are you’re a bohemian bride. Choose bohemian style wedding dresses, made with heirloom quality fabrics…all the charm and dreamy feel of yesteryear with the simplicity and chic design of modern boho fashion. Wear a backless lace wedding dress with simple, clean lines and vintage style fabric that trails lightly behind you as you walk to meet your man.

• You want to look beautiful but not at the expense of comfort: Do you find the idea of a whalebone corset or 5kg dress slightly offensive? Opt for a bohemian style wedding dress in supple lace and lightweight, flowing silk, with all the detail geared toward maximum comfort and ease for you. You need the freedom to move and express yourself if you’re truly going to make this the day of your dreams.

• You cannot part with your leather sandals or your worn worker boots: Not keen on looking awkward in six inch heels on your wedding (or any) day. In a simple wedding dress and garland crown you’ll look the part with leather sandals or your trusty boots, the muddier the better. You can even enjoy a pre-wedding pedicure and opt for bare feet, add ankle charms and lace detail or toe rings to be a true bohemian beauty. Step out of the box and let your soul fly!

• You’re a sworn romantic: You know that romance is not about missing 3 meals and employing a team of bridesmaids to tighten your corset, it’s not about having your stiletto heels disappear into the lawn and getting stuck halfway down the aisle. Romance is about relaxing in his arms under the trees and running into the sunset with your shoes off. It’s about being who you are and not being ashamed of it. It’s about having your cake and eating it too!

• You’d rather wear a wildflower crown than a diamond tiara: So you’d rather feel like a woodland nymph than a trussed up beauty queen on your special day? You’d choose hand picked posies over lavish store bought arrangements any day? A bohemian garland crown is the only accessory you’ll need, choose fragrant blossoms, wildflowers and herbs. You could even add some wild berries to the mix for extra flavor on your special day.

• You’d rather see him in vintage suede than a standard tux: His shaved sides and tattooed forearms make you weak at the knees and you’d rather not clean him up too much. Think vintage suede or velvet (in dusty teal, or natural tones), suspenders and his grandfather’s pocket watch.

• You need to keep it simple: Forget hairspray, 3 make up artists and crazy diamantes that get stuck on table cloths as you walk by. Choose a timeless boho wedding dress that would look and feel right under the stars, standing on a windy beach or traipsing in wellingtons across a farmland pasture with your favorite man in tow. Keep your stress levels to a minimum on your special day, think of what you’re really about and go with it. Keep it simple and laid back, gorgeous boho chic yet comfortable enough to live and love and play on your wedding day.

Photo shown of  bohemian bride Poppy’s wedding, featured here