The Romantic Bohemian Lisa Dress

  • By Jen Hart
  • Bohemian Wedding Dresses, styled shoots
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So, you’re on the market for a simple wedding dress…you’re a complicated girl and to you, every unnecessary frill is one more reason to worry. For you, there’s a distinct difference between simple and drab, a difference which most designers just don’t seem to grasp; standard fare is either totally over-the-top or sadly run-of-the-mill.

You know you’re a free spirit with a distinctive style, feminine but easy-going, certainly not glam and dolled up to the totally-user-unfriendly nines. You know it’s a bohemian wedding dress you’re looking for.

 Well, you need look no further: introducing the breathtakingly well balanced Lisa wedding dress. She’s a masterpiece of bohemian luxury, balancing old and new, simple and sultry. This infinitely elegant bohemian wedding dress is designed with the wearer in mind: every meticulous detail added to enhance your comfort and your assets. Made to measure, for you and you alone (and your hubby-to-be of course). Crafted from lightweight, soft to the touch, cotton-blend mesh-lace with a liquid smooth, silk crepe lining for your confidence and your pleasure.


The Lisa dress epitomizes what boho-chic is all about. From the ethereal perfection of it’s clean lines to the strategic placement of the embroidered cotton detail: adding interest only in the places where you’d want it, over the hips at the back, along the edge of the train. Beautiful scalloping at the wrists softens the hands and, at the neckline, adds a feminine touch, while gently framing the exquisitely different, low v-cut back line.

 From the front the modest neckline, long, sheer sleeves and form fitting but comfortable cut of the bodice and flowing full skirt gives the Lisa dress an ephemeral, vintage appeal. It’s truly feminine: timeless, soft and graceful, not constricting and gaudy.

romantic-long-sleeved-lace-dress-with-delicate-crochet-detailing-its-the -perfect-bohemian-wedding-dress


Turn around and your groom will hold his breath as he takes in the gorgeous plunging V-cut back, perfectly balanced by meticulous detailing on the hips and the magical sweep length train. This is the definition of balance; the lining is omitted from the back and sleeves, showing just the right amount of sun-kissed skin…not too much. With the Lisa dress you can feel gorgeously sexy and chilled-out comfy at the same time, perfect.

 This is the sort of dress you might see yourself running through an enchanted forest in, barefoot and on your way too embrace the man of your dreams or on the beach at sunset in a warm summer breeze: it’s that dreamy.

 The off-white tone adds to the vintage feel of this bespoke boho wedding dress and allows it to look and feel at home in any setting, especially a laid back, outdoor wedding. The comfortable cut: not so tight as to hinder free movement, means that the dress doesn’t necessarily call for a pair of heels: beautify your feet, leave them bare or wear a simple pair of boho flats.




Effortless ease is the maxim at Dreamers and Lovers and it’s beautifully exemplified in the unforgettable Lisa wedding dress.


Photos: Lara Lam Photography

Florals + Styling : Amy Nicole Floral

Hair and Make-up: Hikari Murakami