Ruth & Neil’s Scottish Woodland Wonderland Bohemian Wedding

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It’s always such a treat for us to see our ethereal Dreamers and Lovers, boho wedding dresses on brides from other continents…it’s one of the many benefits of our international ‘try on at home program‘ and it’s something that’s been making our laid back boho brides and us very, very happy! (Yes, any of our wedding dress can be tried in your own home.) This time, we were treated to a photo album, courtesy of Zoe Alexandra Photography, of one of our very-much-in-love couples all the way from the green shores of Scotland. Through photos we felt like we were experiencing their wedding day.


Ruth and Neil tied the knot at the moody and magnificent, sweeping locale of the Scotland’s Cambo Estate, in a ceremony that will be the color to their guest’s and their dreams for many a year to come.

The Estate has been around since the 1600s but the impressive, stone manor house was built in the 1800s, set amidst the iconic rolling pasture hills of the Scottish countryside, with wooded walks and its own tract of breathtaking Scottish coastline.


This boho bride wanted a woodland theme wedding, in the heart of fall…or autumn, when the countryside is at its most magical and the colors of eternal sunset fall to earth and dress the trees. Ruth and her man chose the right location and Ruth most certainly choose the right Dreamers and Lovers bohemian long sleeve lace wedding dress, which, paired with a sweeping veil, make the images of the day look as if they were snapped during the making of some epic period tale of Scottish romance.

As is the custom amongst Scots, the groomsmen donned kilts in family tartans for the special occasion, looking old school, highland dapper as they posed for shots, which will entertain their descendants for generations to come. Look how perfect they look!



The ceremony was held inside the estate proper but there was nothing boring about it. The photos paints the picture of a boho chic but very nontraditional wedding. Myrtle and Bracken, who handles the floral portion of the wedding planning, saw to it that Ruth was able to bring some of her woodland wonderland inside with rich boho blooms and gorgeous indigenous foliage.

The couple wanted the ceremony to be a true reflection of their souls and it was an intimate part of the event, which allowed Ruth to feel utterly present, at peace and yet tickled with anticipation. Ruth’s dear friend married them; Lucy and another pair of the couple’s artful friends sang and plucked away at the guitar strings while the guests took their seats in the manor hall.


Just then, as if to carve this ceremony even deeper into everyone’s hearts, the musical pair led a sing along in which all the guests happily took part. One of Neil’s groomsmen had the honor of telling the love story of the pair’s meeting and it was a tale that managed to draw both tears and laughs out of all those who witnessed the union.

Photos from the manor house show the adorable flower girls, looking at home in the period manor with authentic knitted sweaters and pure white cotton frocks, stockings and shoes. The bridesmaids wore gowns in faded aquamarine, much like those Scottish waters looked on that misty autumn morning. All in all a picture perfect bridal party.


The ceremony exit was a feature we’re positive the manor house cleaning staff were not so fond of…confetti cannons blasted a rainbow storm of happiness into the air as the couple kissed and headed of to the reception to get the party started.

The reception was held inside a cozy marquee, nestled deep in the nearby woodland. It may have been snug and warm in the marquee but with its transparent sides, the party was able to truly capture the essence and atmosphere of autumn. The marquee was fitted with rustic trestle tables and atmosphere building candles, which created a warm glow amongst Ruth’s chosen, moody blooms and Autumnal foliage.


Glass, brass and gold hints throughout complemented Ruth’s dress and the kilts worn by the gents, together with reams of twinkling fairy lights, did the trick in creating a rustic woodland wonderland vibration which permeated the hearts and souls of all those present.

The guests shared scrumptious food platters and delighted in love, cheese, beer and wine until the early hours…when the party hit the dance floor. It was about that time when Ruth broke out the glitter collection, for which Neil’s beard turned out to be the perfect canvas! LOL!!


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