Sarah and Alex Discover That Good Things Take Time

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Sarah and Alex’s love story began on Tinder. After being together for two years, they moved from Australia to Canada. I love their spontaneity! They got engaged; might I add a romantic engagement. Next up is when wedding planning magic starts, and then Covid happened. Between their love story and covid, they had twins and life-saving surgery and soon discovered that good things take time. Love does conquer all.



How They Met + The Proposal

From Sarah: Alex and I met on tinder, nothing too exciting haha. We lived over an hour away so when we first started seeing each other we would only see each other on weekends and alternate the travelling.
When Alex and I had been together 2 years we moved to Calgary (Alberta, Canada) from Australia and about 1 month before moving back to Australia we went on a trip for his 30th birthday. We decided to have a day snow shoeing and arrived at a beautiful waterfall that was only partly frozen. Alex took his snow shoes off and started walking into the water. He kept trying to convince me to follow and pointing at something in the crystal clear glacial water. I refused to get in in case the water got through my boots, so he reached into the water and pulled out a ring (a ring passed down to him from his mother)

Wedding Planning and Its Challenges

Wedding planning was one of the toughest things I have ever had to do. Our wedding was postponed twice because of COVID. After the first wedding was postponed to 2020, we fell pregnant with twins. Unfortunately, that meant a lot of complications, not just for me but for one of my daughters in particular. My daughter (and I) were in the hospital from the 3mo-7mo needed to have two life-saving surgeries during that time. During this time, I was still vaguely trying to plan the second wedding; however my heart wasn’t in it, knowing how unwell my daughter was. Approx 3 weeks before the second wedding, my daughter became extremely unwell while in hospital. I called the wedding off as it didn’t feel right. 2 days later, COVID restrictions postponed it anyway. So we finally made it two years after the original date and lots of hard work mentally and physically for us all. And as Alex always says to me, “Good things take time.” But also so grateful for the love and support of my close family and their help in organizing the wedding. Adding two toddlers into the planning also made things a lot harder having to factor them in however, we were so blessed to have an amazing nanny and so many family members help on the day


How She Found Her Wedding Dress

Approx 3 years ago, I saw an Instagram ad and took a screenshot of it for reference when I would finally start dress shopping. When the time came to look for a dress, I was looking at stores (online) that might have something similar however was unable to find anything. So I looked into Dreamers and lovers and realized how easy it was, even from the other side of the world, to try on a sample dress. I got the dress sent over and knew that was the dress (it was the only dress I tried on) and sent them my measurements. I adore the boho vibe of the dress/brand and just couldn’t see myself in anything else.


Wedding Day Highlights

After a week of torrential rain and a planned outdoor wedding that I had my heart set on… two days before, I had to bite the bullet, buy the clear umbrellas, and get my head around the indoor option just in case. On the day of the wedding, it was perfect sunshine!!!! So we could have the ceremony outdoors, looking over the water as planned. Also, after having my dress sitting and waiting for so long and having to change a lot in my lifestyle to fit back into my dress (bought pre-twins), my dress was perfect and my favorite outfit of all time. My 18mo twin girls being a part of the celebration was also so beautiful, especially thinking back to a time when that may not have been the case due to life-threatening health issues; as a result the wedding was very emotional, and there was so much relief and passion from us but also our guests, knowing what we had been through


Sarah’s Advice to Future Brides

Life is short, and it can be taken away at any time. No one will remember how many flowers you had etc. all they will remember is what they felt on the day. Just breathe and let things happen… (I promise your hairdresser/make-up artist/photographer etc. will work so much harder for you if you are relaxed and positive)

What’s Next for Sarah, Alex & The Twins

We are ready to sit still for a while as we have had so much packed into the last two years. However, we are also wanting to start having family adventures showing our girls what life really is about, hiking, traveling, skiing, beach days, etc.