The Ultimate Laid-back Bohemian Bride and Wedding

  • By Jen Hart
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A Pretty Chill Poem (Written for this Chilled-out Bride & Groom)

I think our friends would say we’re not the sort to fight or fuss
that the terms ‘laid back’ and ‘bohemian’ would go further to describe us

I spent a full day calling around, to order the perfect wedding cake
you kissed me and said “ but babe, that’s all the sweetness I need, for heaven’s sake”

I was worried about booking a venue where we could look out over sea and sky
you said, either way, it’ll never compare to the beauty of just looking in your eye

In a rush to get a tan on my skin, you said i needn’t go so far
that to you my skin was like the universe, each beauty spot a star

You told me I needn’t get my hair done up, especially for the occasion
you prefer it wild like white waves breaking, your own little stretch of ocean

fretting about losing that extra pound you advised me to take a breath
insisting there’s something rather blissful about an extra handful of flesh

When i asked what you thought about my shoe selection, you just smiled and took my hand
you said a boho girl like me’s better of with just the soft earth on which to stand

When I finally stepped into the aisle, in my simple wedding dress
praying that I hadn’t done just that little too little to impress

All it took to ease my nerves was a single glance at you
That smile on your face told me I’d done everything that I’d needed to

Later you said: that’s right and I wouldn’t have had it any other way
you in that boho wedding dress, you took my breath away


PHOTOGRAPHY all by India Earl

Dress worn by Olga : Lisa Backless Dress