A Small and Intimate Rustic Bohemian Wedding

  • By Jen Hart
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My heart must have skipped a beat when Amalia (the beautiful bride) sent us photos of her seemingly small and intimate wedding, which took place in Colombia. Both her, and groom (Jaime) and the entire wedding attendants were bursting with joy. The photos are incredible, and shot by the very talented international wedding photographer Juan Tamayo. More details of his work can be found below. I personally loved how brilliantly Juan captured the candid moments, all the joy, and the laughter.


We are always in love with small and intimate weddings, and when infused with bohemian rustic touches, it really just takes our breath away. Amalia chose the Isis crochet wedding dress in the made-to-measure option. The isis boho wedding dress is available here.

Enjoy photos of Amalia and Jaime’s wedding, as well as this heart wrenchingly beautiful poem that would make for a great wedding ceremony reading titled A New Beginning.

    A New Beginning

On this earth there is a oneness
A rhythmic flow through everything that lives
The things with roots and stems and leaves
The things with shells and fins and furs
The things with wings with which to fly
The things that crwal and those that walk

Each thing must eat and breath and rest
Each thing must seek and each is sought for
Each has a birth, a purpose to fulfill
To each an end and then a new beginning

Image credits: Juan Tamayo – International Wedding Photographer – http://www.juantamayobodas.com