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Small Intimate Wedding in South Africa

Small Intimate Wedding in South Africa

Their mutual love for rhinos and wildlife brought them together. When they met, Noa was living in California, while Matt was visiting from his native South Africa. It was love at first sight! Noa would later move to South Africa to begin their lifelong adventure. What a beautiful couple, and we love all the gorgeous inspiration from this small intimate wedding in South Africa.

Their story as told by bride Noa:

Bride Noa wearing a fringe wedding dress in South Africa

How did you and Matt meet?

Their story began nearly two years ago during the fundraiser “Rhino Ride” when Matt was cycling down the west coast of the USA with a replica life-sized rhinoceros in tow. Matt, a South African citizen, was raising awareness on the declining population of wild rhinos in Africa, and one of his stops along the way was Safari West. Unbeknownst to Matt, Noa was a Zoo Keeper working with rhinos at Safari West. While taking him on a quick tour, she introduced Matt to her favorite rhino, Waldie, and voila! It was love at first sight! Our love and passion for rhinos and wildlife are what brought us together and what propels our continued explorations! Noa has since moved to South Africa, and together, we are adventuring on our forever safari.

Was there any adversity early on in your love story?

There was no adversity, but when I first moved to South Africa, it did put a lot of strain on our relationship trying to adjust to living in a third world country with only knowing Matt.

Tell us about finding your wedding dress

I only went to one bridal shop, which was Dreamers & Lovers, and knew even before my appointment that the Heather fringe Lace dress was the one. I only tried on five dresses that day.


Bohemian Bride in South Africa wearing Heather Fringe Wedding Dress

Noa Wearing Heather Fringe Dress

What was your favorite phrase, verse, or line of your wedding vows?

I ended my vows with a quote from chaos in the stars “I didn’t fall in love with you. I walked into love with you, with my eyes wide open, choosing to take every step along the way. I do believe in fate and destiny, but I also believe we are only fated to do things we’d choose anyway. And I’d choose you, In a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality. I’d find you, and I’d choose you.”

What is the one detail or vendor that you were so happy to have as a part of your wedding?

My wedding photographer was amazing. She captured such natural and candid moments!! Bron from Vanilla Photography.

intimate wedding ideas from South Africa

Vanilla Photography

What advice do you have for other future-brides currently planning a wedding?

I know a lot of people say this, but please try not to stress; the day will turn out perfect, and it goes by so fast, so take everything in and let the day flow naturally.

Tell us all about the proposal

Matt proposed at a remote location off Long Tom Pass in South Africa. It was beautiful overlooking mountains after mountains.

How many guests did you have?

74 guests

Describe your wedding cake or dessert?

My wedding cake was a two-tiered natural-looking carrot cake. With succulents and rose gold flakes with a rose gold wooden cake topper of our Last name.

Tell us about your wedding flowers?

My flowers were succulents, proteas, eucalyptus, natural grasses, and roses.

What was your favorite detail of the wedding?

I had dream catchers and fairy lights everywhere; it made the rustic venue look so magical.

bohemian wedding in South Africa

What’s next for you as a couple?

We are planning to extend our family soon! YESSSSSS to that!!!


This stunning small intimate wedding in South Africa was photographed by Vanilla Photography

Wedding Dress – Heather Bohemian Fringe Gown

Would you love to see another bride wearing the Heather gown, see Jackie’s Fiesta Wedding here.

Makeup and Jewelry for a Black Lace Dress

Makeup and Jewelry for a Black Lace Dress

I often keep tabs on my traffic reports, and the two questions that always send new people to our page is “what jewelry to wear with a black lace dress”, and “what makeup to wear with a black lace dress”. I have often felt that the search engines were mistakenly sending these people to my page, and they must have left feeling frustrated and disappointed, because until now that has never been the subject of any of our posts. So, here it is, I am finally taking a stab at answering these two questions, and I figure this could be helpful for our brides come date-night.

If you are out for answers, please note I am not a professional make-up artist, however I am confident that I know what looks good in that department, and with all posts I do, I have included photo references, so you don’t have to apply my advises with fear. Same goes for the jewelry suggestions, I am a designer of an amazing vintage inspired wedding dress line, but on my off days I am a pretty savvy fashion gal, who loves jewelry, costume and fine alike. Although I find that I usually end up wearing only the costume varieties:-), hmmmm…..I wonder why that is.




The makeup for a black lace dress is not much different from the makeup for evening looks. This isn’t to suggest all black lace dresses are for evening, but I have a feeling the searches are for dressier style lace dresses. Black lace speaks sensual, classy, chic, mysterious, sexy, and sultry. The makeup should match the mood you are after from the list of adjectives I have just listed. With that said, my favorites are:

1. THE SMOKY EYE with neutral lips, blushed pink cheeks, with curled dark lashes – the emphasis is on the eyes, and all other elements are intentionally left minimal or downplayed. This look screams bold and sexy, and is the most common and earth-shaking evening look.


2. BOLD LIPS with strong defined brows – this takes your lips to the next level, so the emphasis remains on the lip. For this look think bold and eye-catching colors, such as the universally sexy red lips or a bright hot pink, or bordeaux shade. This look is one of my top pick for its elegant and sophisticated appeal.

3. RIMMED EYES with dramatic lashes, and the (optional) artificial lashes – this look gets an A+ for its simplicity in applying, yet its mysterious and alluring look. I often do this look, when I am on a rush out the door. To achieve this look, you simply rim all around the inner rims of your eyelids with a jet black liner. The blackest eye pencil you can find. When I go for this look, I go for the MAC smolder eye pencil.

That is all I have for makeup, now onto jewels. The jewelry you would normally reach for, with your other cocktail looks will go great with your black lace dress.


1. EXTRAVAGANCE and shine – the look you would go for in your diamonds, zirconia, crystal, and rhinestones, think lux and ultra luxurious. I personally love a chandelier, drop earring, with loads of bling. If you choose to go with look with a statement earring then I would go without the necklace, and just do an equally glitzy cocktail ring.

2. BAROQUE – another look I am head-over-heels in is the rich baroque jewelry. I could never speak jewels with a black lace dress, any lace dress for that matter, without highlighting decadent baroque jewels. The master of this look is Dolce and Gabbana. This look is so timeless and again earth shattering, that it really is my number one pick. The baroque look was popularized and trendy in 2012, but this look has been in from the renaissance days and will continue on forever, so no need to worry about your look, coming off as dated. On a side-note, this is why I do not follow trends.


3. MINIMALISM – as seen in many of the photos, minimal jewelry also goes with a lace dress, if you are the more subtle type. This is perfectly ok also. Minimalism reads chic, so if you prefer a simple diamond stud, your watch and a ring, that is ok, but don’t forget your bright red stained lips.

That was a quick crash course in makeup and jewelry for a black lace dress. I only touch on some of my all-star favorite looks, so drop us a line in the comment section if I missed some key information.

Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to see our very own black lace dress!!

Exude Summer Chic in Our NEW White Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Exude Summer Chic in Our NEW White Wide Leg Jumpsuit

OMG….this wide leg jumpsuit is absolutely amazing. It is the perfect jumpsuit you’ll be wearing on your honeymoon, long after the wedding bells have dropped ringing. It is shown here in white, but also available in a variety of colors.


It is available in white, and soon to be available in black, nude and blue.

It is an absolutely lightweight and comfortable jumpsuit, perfect for summer. If like me, you happen to live in Los Angeles, then you can wear it year-round. The legs are unbelievably wide, and what I love about it is that at first glance it resembles a sweeping maxi dress. In the photos I am holding it up, and doing the ‘karate kick’ poise to let you know that it is indeed a pant, but if I did not do that, you may never know it was a jumpsuit.

Let the summer breeze begin, the wind will not blow this one away. The overall feel of this jumpsuit is very relaxed and casual. The bodice has a lazy draped effortless plunge look.


Being cotton gauze it is semi-sheer, and although, it has tons of draping and folds, it is somewhat transparent. Don’t let this turn you off though; it is the level of transparency most would be comfortable with, as it is not the least scandalous. However, if it bothers you, a simple slip short/boy short will alleviate any concerns that may continue to nag you.

The waist is elasticized and there is a thin sash belt attached. This is how it was photographed, but if you are someone who likes to change up the look of a piece with accessories and belts, then this is the perfect piece to have fun with. Layer on a brightly colored belt and jewels, for a fabulous finish.

OK…..that was a bit of rambling, but the key takeaway is:

1. This white wide legged jumpsuit is the perfect effortless summer piece.
2. It is great for ALL.
3. Available now at dreamersandlovers.com

To see and shop more jumpsuits click here.

White Lace Dress – It’s All in the Details

It is always exciting to introduce a new dress to the world, and equally exciting is the joy we feel in actually making the dress. This new dream-ers white lace short dress is the ideal example of the rewarding feeling that comes with making and shipping the final product. There is a true sense of pride which each piece made.


available at trendsettervintage.com

This exquisite dress is a detailed piece, in that we individually cut out flowers from the lace and apply each one by hand, and sew them on, again individually by hand for a seamless finish. These hand-finished flowers can be seen at the neckline, sleeves and hem, where the beauty of the scallop edges overwhelmingly stands out. This detail is so important in a piece, and it is what fuels the dream-ers line, and this cocktail lace dress heavily embodies our vision for the line. Whenever I see a well-sewn piece of garment, and brimming with details, I automatically assume that it is an ultra-lux expensive piece.


available at trendsettervintage.com

As a clothing designer lacking the formal training, I rely on my ‘eye’ and ‘vision’, and the first thing in a piece of clothing that draws me in is in the details. For me, it’s ALL about the detail. Spending a great deal of my working life at Chanel, it isn’t hard to see where the inspiration came from, although not entirely, it was a huge part of it. Personally, I did not want to create garments that just boast aesthetics, but ones that also spoke volumes with their details and workmanship. This particular white lace dress is as perfect on the inside as it is on the outside.

There are so many designers besides Chanel from which I have drawn inspiration. Many high-end designers automatically get the details right, and at the price point at which these pieces are sold, this isn’t an option, and rather it is expected. When you actually examine a designer piece loaded with details, one starts to appreciate how a designer has honed in on their vision, and the resulting beauty of how the seamstress constructing the garment has clung on to the designers’ vision. The meticulous laborious input really does justify the lofty price tag in most cases.

In gathering images to illustrate my point, I did not have to search for these such pieces, there were so many to pull from. Before I insert the pictures, I must mention that I am in no way comparing my pieces to these high-end designers. In fact, the dream-ers white lace dress retails at $315, while most of these designer pieces, I will be adding below are in the $15,000 – $30,000 range. With this fact, it is clear to see there is no comparison. I am simply highlighting the importance and sheer magnitude of details.


Oscar Carvallo dress


Alberta Ferretti dress

These pieces are beautiful beyond belief, and will leave you gasping for air. Enjoy! Which of these is your favorite? Would you spend loads more to be able to capture the details in your clothing?


Marchesa dress


Chanel dress


Georges Hobeika dress

valentino-scallop-sheer-back-lace-dress Valentino dress[/caption]

We would love to hear your thoughts on this.

All images via pinterest.

A Free Spirited Wedding and a Hippie Lace Dress

A couple weeks back when Mitzi sent me photos from her wedding I was speechless. The sheer beauty and perfection of everything blew me away and to think she planned it in just two weeks. Funny enough, I receive many frantic emails from many to-be-brides with weddings happening in under a month and they all seem to gravitate towards this bell sleeve hippie lace dress. Mitzi chose it in the true white and it is just perfect on her. Prior to her wedding she had emailed me and told me she received the dress and was in love with it. I remember her telling me that when she tried it on her mom cried. I might have felt a tear or two fall down my face when I read that, it was so beautiful I thought. I have a tender heart and so when I hear these type of stories, I tear up and get a bit mushy.

So, here are the photos to enjoy. Once I learned that Mitzi was an artistic and talented song-writer, I immediately understood why a traditional cookie-cutter would not match her style. Her wedding defines everything I adore about a bohemian styled wedding. It is simple yet stylish, it is fun and unique, and it has a free-spirited vibe to it. I am in love with her flowy freely done hair and how she highlights it with fresh blooms. This goes without saying, but I will add it anyways, I think her crochet lace dream-ers dress is luscious and oozes the 70s free-spirited hippie look adding culture and depth to her special day.

Did you notice her barefoot? This is a rad detail that I am in love with. I am so in love with it all. Special thank you to Mitzi for sharing the beauty of your big-day with us, and for choosing the dream-ers hippie styled lace dress.

The Bell Sleeve Black Mini Lace Dress is Here NOW

It was only a matter of time, that one of our most popular dress – the hippie bell sleeve boho lace mini dress in ivory- become available in black. I am actually surprised it took us this long to make it available to all you fabulous people.

We thought it up a while ago. Yes…we even daydream about the perfect black lace mini dress, with those flowing bell sleeves, and we kept putting it off.


It wasn’t until this week, one of our lovely customers, inquired about getting one sent to Australia for both her and her daughter, and she had her fingers crossed while hoping and begging that we made it for them in black.

“You are a mind reader”, I yelled out over email to her. So…here it is finally….and I am already sure it will be a hit. We priced it well at $190…..we can do that while still quality making it in the USA, this is because we only sell it here on our site.


As this lace dress is sheer, we are offering it with a separate slip liner, that is included with the purchase. (Of course, you don’t have to wear the liner, we won’t hunt you down to make sure). In this recent post, Kylie Minoque went without a slip…..we are just saying. It is shown with a nude colored slip liner. This is the same option we presented with our black maxi lace dress. If you are someone not crazy about the nude colored slip, then we also have a black liner option. Both options fits nicely with the dress, however, we felt the nude colored lining allows the breathtaking pattern to pop. I am including an up-close swatch of the lace. It is hard to appreciate the beauty from photos, but I think this tells a strong tale for the fabric.


The lace is best described as guipure, but we have many of our darling customers send us feedback that they are dangerously in love with their ‘new crochet dress’. It has a quality crochet like feel, but I promise you it’s not crochet, it’s an upper echelon lace:-)

If you are interested in purchasing this bell sleeve black lace dress, but you would prefer it a tad longer, or if you would prefer the sleeve to be longer, or vice versa, just send us a note upon checkout, we’ll make those adjustments specially for you. This dress is available to be shipped immediately, and is available in sizes small, medium, and large. In the event, you need the alteration option mentioned above, please allow us a couple days to get it sent out to you.


This boho lace dress is 1970s vintage inspired and will look flawless styled with platform heels and effortless hair. Or for an everyday city look, it also works great with flat sandals, or even with boots. Styling lace dresses are so much fun, because every accessory, shoes, or handbag completely changes the look.

To view this lace dress, click this link.

How would you style this fabulous black lace dress? We would love to hear from you. We get excited when you all stop by and read the blog….