Crochet Wedding Dress for the Carefree Boho Bride

  • By Jen Hart
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Holly Hi RES 2

Hey you…our Holly is one of those dresses that just stops you in your tracks. It is nothing like you will see in any bridal shop. It is unmistakably for the laid-back bohemian bride. You know that bride, that marches to the beat of her own drum. She certainly doesn’t watch say yes to the dress. Her ideal bachelorette party is spent in a camp site with her five best girls, and almost certainly no veil involved.

I think bohemian brides are to be celebrated, because it is never easy zigging when all of your family and some of your friends want you to zag. It is impressive when a person is comfortable with being that they truly are, being different.  Case in point, the woman on the telephone just now, she had a special request. Her request was that if we could place a rush on her dress, she needs it in three weeks for her wedding.

We will call her Betsey, she has been with her guy for 8 years, and have lived together the last 5 years. They just decided to get married already. She is spontaneous and living in the now and needs this dress now. To me, this is the true anatomy of the modern chilled-out bride. She is not caged by traditions, or learned inclinations, she thinks with her heart. It is only natural; she is choosing the dress that she did – the Holly dress.




A dress designed and brought to life with simplicity and effortless ease as the dominant characteristic, using breathtaking fabric as the backdrop, and to be assembled by hands, that is, hands that care for what they are doing, hands that know that this dress isn’t just a dress, that this is a dress that a bride will ultimately state her wedding vows in, and make a promise for today, tomorrow, and forever.


This is how we view a dress each time we make one; we know the importance and the significance of the dress. So whether you are a carefree boho bride, or a traditional bride who just happen to like the look of crochet dresses, the post was supposed to share with you our love for this dress, and hope that you too will love it.


As with all of our dresses, this is made in our studio in Los Angeles, made with one set of loving and caring hands. Our dresses are of a simpler aesthetic; we focus on the details that can only be captured with using human hands. We are aware that being an online only shop, the process of buying a ‘wedding dress’ can be scary, but we do have a genius home try-on program designed with you in mind.


I am a true free spirit at heart, as bohemian as one could be. The woman on the phone has captivated me, because I see a shadow of myself in the spontaneity she possesses. Cheers to all the bohemian brides who are effortlessly cool and enjoys the simpler things in life. We admire you, and raise our virtual glasses to you.

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