Introducing Bride Misty: The Free-Spirit Behind the Dress

  • By Jen Hart
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Every bride has a story, a journey that leads her to that magical ‘I do’ moment. But beyond the wedding day, there’s a woman with dreams, adventures, and a unique essence that defines her. Today, we’re honored to share the story of Misty, a free-spirited soul who chose Dreamers and Lovers for her special day. Dive into her personal journey, discover her connection to our brand, and witness the magic of authenticity that resonates in every stitch of her chosen gown. Join us as we celebrate the woman behind the bride and be inspired by her empowerment, individuality, and love tale.


Embarking on a Soulful Journey

  • Three Words She Uses to Describe Herself: Adventuresome, Introspective, and Compassionate. Why? She believes life is an adventure, introspection is her journey within, and compassion is her heart’s true nature.
  • How She Defines Authenticity: She stays true in her work, relationships, and personal growth. Every day is a chance for her to be genuine.
  • A Moment She Felt Empowered: The time she booked a one-way ticket to an island, knowing no one. She finished her book there, marking a true soul-searching time.
  • When She Felt Most True to Herself: After experiencing profound loss, she chose to discover her true self and grow positively. She learned invaluable life lessons through her grief and found her true nature, strengths, and unexpected blessings.





Embodied Freedom: Her Connection to Dreamers & Lovers

  • What Attracted Her to Dreamers and Lovers: The feeling and attitude of freedom, adventure, and the permission to be unique. She felt there were no “rules” or boundaries with Dreamers and Lovers dresses, which exemplified freedom to her, all while revealing femininity and timeless beauty.
  • How the Violetta Dress Reflects Her Identity: Everything about the Violetta dress reflected her identity — the botanical lace pattern, the open back design, the natural cotton fabric, and the long train. She wanted a dress that was both sexy and modest. The open back and long sleeves balanced the design perfectly for her. The dress was perfect for her mountain meadow ceremony, and she embraced the adventure, even if it meant the dress getting a bit dirty.
  • How Dreamers and Lovers Allowed Her to Express Her Individuality: She felt elegant and natural. The dress’s open back allowed her to wear a rose quartz back necklace, and she found clay earrings that complemented the dress’s design.
  • How She Felt the First Time She Tried It On: She felt naturally beautiful and believed the dress was made just for her.
  • The Emotions and Memories the Dress Evokes for Her Now: Joy, love, and the freedom to be herself.

How the Dress Enhanced Her Wedding Experience: The dress was everything to her. Looking back at the photos, she’s thankful for her choice.

A Random  Moment: She tried the dress on by herself, and it was the first and only one she tried. This was a significant moment for someone who often second-guesses and can be a perfectionist.

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Empowering Future Brides

  • Her Advice: Stay true to yourself. It’s okay to seek advice, but remember; confidence is beautiful.
  • Her Take on Individuality in Weddings: She balances tradition with unique style, aiming for timeless memories.
  • How She Believes the Dress Added to Her Wedding’s Narrative: The dress was perfect for the wedding’s landscape — an intimate, beautiful, outdoorsy adventure. Even her husband said it was precisely what he envisioned her wearing.
  • Her Post-Wedding Realizations: She realizes she can continue to trust herself, her desires, and her ideas.

Her Message for Women Embarking on Their Journey: She believes most women know what dress style they’re looking for. Trusting your instincts and embracing the natural beauty, authenticity, and adventure that Dreamers & Lovers dresses offer is essential. Your special day should reflect YOU.


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