Dreamy Bohemian Destination Wedding in Taos, New Mexico: A Couple’s Dream Comes True in an Outdoor Ceremony and a Magical Lace Dress

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Andrew and Amanda met in Albuquerque and married seven years later in Taos, New Mexico. Their wedding is epic! Browsing their photo gallery was like being transported into a bohemian wedding dream. The wedding fits the couple’s personality perfectly. From the cake to the bride’s hair to the venue. What an amazing venue! It’s filled with divine colors, textures, and an earthy Spanish vibe! Amanda found her dream bohemian wedding dress on the Dreamers and Lovers website. Their ceremony was quick (because it had to be), with the couple writing their vows and a close friend officiating. There were 150 guests, a 3-tier cheesecake (yummmm) made by Amanda’s mother and grandmother, and a close friend playing guitar. Dream wedding alert! The biggest challenge for the couple was planning the wedding from 2000 miles away without a wedding planner, but they managed to overcome it. They planned the wedding while living in Oregon. The couple plans to move back to New Mexico. Amanda and Anthony’s marriage proves that while a destination wedding can be challenging to plan, it can also be fun and adventurous.


Andrew & Amanda Met at a Bar

Andrew and Amanda met at a bar on a Tuesday night in Albuquerque. It was Amanda’s first night out after moving to the city to attend graduate school, and they had just finished their first day of classes. Amanda celebrated with two classmates, who eventually became their best friends and bridesmaids at their wedding. Andrew claims it was his 1001st night at the bar, and he finally found what he was looking for. Yay, the bar visits paid off. The two of them bonded over their love for Taos, and seven years later, they got married in Taos.





The Couple Gets Engaged on Scenic Drive in Portland

The couple got engaged in December 2021 while driving to Amanda’s parent’s house to celebrate her stepdad’s birthday and later attend a holiday party with college friends in Portland. Andrew preferred taking the scenic route, which added two more hours to the trip, but Amanda agreed due to the excitement for the weekend of celebrations. After the first big snow of the season, they stopped at a parking lot to hike out to a waterfall, but due to the heavy snow, they decided to visit a closer one. Amanda turned around as the sun was setting and shining through the clouds to see Andrew down on one knee in the snow, proposing. It was a perfect moment, made even better by the opportunity to celebrate with their family and friends over the weekend.





A Personal and Intimate Wedding Dress Fitting Experience

Amanda started searching for her wedding dress online after her engagement. She had a specific vision. She was looking for a lace dress with an open back and not a high neck. Her search led her from Pinterest to Etsy and eventually to the Dreamers and Lovers website. Initially, Amanda was planning to try on dresses at home, using D&L home try-on service (Yes, that’s a thing) but decided to use flight credits to make a trip instead. The fitting process ‘exceeded her expectations,’ as it was personal and intimate, just as she had hoped wedding dress shopping would be.




Their Dream Wedding Comes to Life with the Help of Talented Vendors and Family Members

The couple’s photographer David Jesse and his second shooter were terrific and resourceful to have the day of the event. The photographer team helped Andrew and Amanda keep things moving, get the photos they wanted, and ensure the day went well. The couple had a local distiller (Rolling Stills) who did their bar and provided an excellent bar while keeping everything within their budget. Amanda raved about the fantastic bartenders, and the couple was happy to have them there. Our wedding cake was a 3 tier cheesecake made by my mom and my grandmother. The wedding toppers were handmade dolls that resembled the couple to replicate those Amanda’s parents had on their wedding cake. What a tremendous sentimental touch! The pair had a close friend play guitar for the ceremony. They sent him some songs, and he created his rendition, which was perfect. Most of the flowers for the wedding were from Amanda’s grandmother’s neighbor. She has a Dahlia farm and used to sell flowers at the farmers market but has stopped doing that for the past couple of years. She gave the couple ALL of the flowers, which was just amazing. Wow, that is an incredible gift!


Amanda’s Advice to Other Brides

“The small details probably don’t matter. Find the meaningful things to be there and spend money or time on those. The little kitschy thing you pick up at Target and spend more than you should probably isn’t worth it.”

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Planning a Destination Wedding and the Challenges of Distance and Lack of Professional Help

The biggest challenge for the couple was trying to plan a wedding that was 2000 miles from where they lived without the help of a wedding planner. Andrew and Amanda showed up in New Mexico a week before the wedding, and there was a TON of stuff they had to do really quickly. Amanda admits some of the tasks did not get done, but in retrospect, those things really just didn’t matter.



The Next Chapter Unfolds in New Mexico?

The newlyweds are currently living in Oregon. They are hoping to move back to New Mexico to be closer to their family and community and start to build a family of their own.





PHOTOGRAPHER: David Jesse Photo

Taos, New Mexico Distiller: Rolling Still