Look Bohemian Chic in the Lace Maxi Dress

  • By Jen Hart
  • Bohemian Chic, Destination Wedding Gowns
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Being a small company, we fully appreciate the instant feedback we receive as a result of the immediacy of the internet. This caftan bohemian lace maxi dress, was designed, hand sewn, photographed and listed on the site in a matter of about six weeks. Two months later, the feedback has been tremendous. Thanks to our lovely clients, and some fearless bohemian pinners over at pinterest, and other social sites, this dress has already been a hit. We enjoy making this dress. Click the link to see the listing page for this lace maxi dress.


It is the epitome of what bohemian chic represents, in every sense of the word. I have often write about my love for the ocean, and usually the surrounding beach city. I am rarely unhappy these days, and I attribute that to my frequent daily runs, and walks at the beach. There is magic in the waters. I often joke that if you are suffering from any ailment, rather than go the doctor, take a long walk on the beach. I don’t really mean that, but after the doctor’s visit, then the ocean should be the next stop.

The tie in with the beach and this dress, besides the obvious, that it would be perfect for a laid back bohemian beach wedding is the effortlessness. It has that air of being natural, that is natural beauty without trying too hard. You can slip this maxi dress on with untamed hair, minimal makeup, barefoot, flat sandals or booties, and you would look like a fabulous version of yourself, a bohemian goddess.


Loose fitting, it is fitted only through the bust, so when you have this dress on, you will forget you are wearing anything. The relaxed silhouette created by the generous use of fabric and the gathering creates a floaty dreamy look. The entirely sheer outer layer is lovingly handmade from a soft, and delicate embroidered stretch lace, so it is soft and luxurious on the body. When it touches your skin, it feels like a soft wind. We have had clients message us after seeing the photos about the sheerness, but, not to fear, the dress does come with a stretch liner. The standard liner is full length, but can also be made in a mini length as photographed in the photo. In the photos, we show it with a nude colored stretch slip liner. As one client clearly wrote it in her message, “I love this dress so much, but I am rather shy and could never imagine wearing it without an under-dress”. We understand that not all clients will like the sheer look.


Delicate crochet lace trim added to the neckline, the angel sleeves, and entirely down the front center seamlessly pulls the look together. It is quite fitting that a bohemian dreamy dress such as this lace caftan would have angel sleeves. They are beautiful, no-fuss and plays a starring role in the look.


I would love to hear your feedback on this dress. How would you wear it? Besides for the free spirited bohemian bride, or an a dream vacation, where would you wear it? As for me, I will most likely live in it, as it embodies everything I like my clothes to be, and it transcends me to the beach, even on a rainy day as we are having in Los Angeles today.