Matt and Jess’s Love Story

  • By Jen Hart
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There’s something so refreshing about looking through wedding pics like these of Jess and Matt…being able to see both the bride and groom’s individual styles shining through loud and clear. For a change I can get a sense of where they fit in, even on their wedding day, something that (because of staunch wedding traditions) probably wouldn’t have happened in another generation.

With Matt’s spiffy suspenders and sneakers and Jess in a laid back Dreamers and Lovers gown with tousled hair and a boho flower crown; it’s no stretch to assume the pair to be free-spirited, easy going, open minded lovebirds, intent on sticking with each other and conquering the world, one mountain at a time.

When Jess decided to introduce herself to her new neighbor she found herself taken aback by his handsome smile and his blue eyes, which set her bohemian heart a-racing

The couple met five years ago, when Jessica moved into the apartment right next door to Matt. When Jess decided to introduce herself to her new neighbor she found herself taken aback by his handsome smile and his blue eyes, which set her bohemian heart a-racing. The two shared a joke-filled, neighborly friendship and Matt’s unique sense of humor quickly found it’s way into Jess’s soul. As destiny would have it, it was just a matter of time before both of them became single and found the opportunity to confess their mutual feelings of attraction; it sounds positively chemical!

They’ve been together ever since.



The sweethearts had a son together and were out on a hike with him, admiring a fiery sunset and a breathtaking view. Jess was just in the process of a son and mum selfie when Matt called out to her and she turned around to find him on one knee (looking ever so hopeful). Well, it stands to reason, she must have answered: Yes!

The plan was to have a relatively small wedding, with 130 guests. Jess’s only prerequisite, her dream, was to have sparkly lights. Her vision was of a laid back, summer wedding,under the stars, outside with glittering fairly lights for that extra touch of magic. Her vision was realized and according to Jess, those glittering lights made all the difference.

Jessica knew exactly what she wanted in a wedding dress. It was to be simple, elegant and classic but with a twist of boho-sexiness. Not a difficult ask when you’re shopping at Dreamers and Lovers, which luckily she was. D&L was one of the only two bridal boutiques she visited, feeling slightly pressured into trying on multiple dresses ‘just to be sure.’ However, she knew she’d found the one the moment she tried on Alexandria. Beautiful, laid back Boho-chic, affordable and utterly comfortable.




As with many of our bohemian brides, the greatest challenge for Jess was coming to the realization that she needn’t please everyone. When her concerns about ensuring that every guest was 100% entertained began to interfere with the big picture, Jess decided to take a step back and regroup; it was a huge weight lifted off her shoulders.

It was a dream come true, she’d be marrying the man of her wildest dreams, a better man than she ever could have imagined. She’d managed to find her fantasy dress with negligible fuss. She looked exquisite and it was time to make this a wedding to remember!

Her chosen reading for the ceremony was ‘Love’ by Roy Croft, a poem which Jess feels truly expresses her feelings for her husband and which speaks to her on many levels. Their vows were self-written, Jess ended her’s by saying “I love you Papasan”. Their secret nicknames for each other are Papasan and Mamasan…well, not so secret anymore! It made him laugh and for Jess, there’s nothing, which makes her happier than Matt’s smile.

As for the other details, the wedding cake was scrumptious and a serious hit, a white cake with buttercream and assorted berries; there was a little surprise for everyone, the top two layers were vegan coconut cake.

One of Jessica’s favorite details was the centerpiece on the guest tables; the flowers were absolutely stunning, peach/pink roses, big baby’s breath, yellow poms, white china chrysanthemums and snapdragons.


Jess’s advice to all the laid back brides-to-be out there is this: Don’t stress about the details, nothing will ever go as planned. You won’t look back and remember the little things, which weren’t perfect: you’ll remember the laughter, fun and love shared by you and your dear ones that day. Enjoy every second of it because it goes by far too fast!

What’s on the cards for Matt and Jess? A few more babies hopefully. The couple is looking to expand their troop in the near future and we wish them all the best in their endeavor. This shouldn’t be too hard an ask, the fun is in the trying… Many blessings Matt and Jess, we’re honored to know you and blessed to have been a part of your story.

And to all those ladies who haven’t got any idea where Mr. Right might me hiding…be sure to check next door!

And to all those ladies who haven’t got any idea where Mr. Right might me hiding…be sure to check next door!