Tara’s DIY Bohemian Wedding

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Tara’s DIY Bohemian Wedding

Looking at Tara and J’s romantic wedding pics… a bohemian love story set against the most exquisite NY country backdrop, it’s natural you’d want to know a little more.


 This gorgeous young Bohemian couple met on a ski trip back in 2009 where, as fate would have it, they were forced to keep each other company whilst their friends enjoyed a snowboarding session (they were both skiers). Needless to say, they had such a time of it that a few months later when Tara was set to move up to Washington DC for grad school, J decided to follow… 

The Venue: The nature loving couple knew that their perfect day needed to center around this shared interest of being outdoors. They chose the charming rustic setting of The Old Tater Barn at Central Bridge NY.

The old fashioned country feel, together with Tara’s backless lace wedding dress and sweeping, self-made boho veil, are a match made in heaven. The pictures are like something out of a romance novel, not bad for a wedding that was mostly DIY and altogether untraditional!

The Dress: When it came to choosing her dress, Tara had no interest in glitz and glam, it just didn’t feel like her. She’s a free spirited, outdoor girl and she wanted to express herself on her wedding day, to keep it simple for her and her husband-to-be.

She tried to go the traditional route of trying on dresses at her local bridal shops (although she did take hubby-to-be along for the ride), but she felt they were all too sparkly and uncomfortable, not her style at all. Tara just couldn’t understand why someone would sacrifice comfort and freedom of movement, no matter how beautiful a dress may look on the outside. 

A bridal shop attendant gave Tara some invaluable advice: “Every girl’s wedding dream is different.” Your day should be an expression of who you are and your unique love story. There’s no need to get weighed down by complying with traditions. There’s no point in getting lost in the details.

Tara was lucky enough to come across Dreamers and Lovers on Etsy and instantly fell in love with their simple boho styles; comfortable yet gloriously feminine.

Their home try-on program and their accessible prices also appealed to her economic sense. Not everybody wants to break the bank on their wedding day, sometimes it makes sense to save for the honeymoon instead. After trying on Amber Backless Lace Wedding Dress the couple needed to look no further, both J and Tara felt the dress was perfect in every way.


The Flowers: Choosing a dress wasn’t the only area where Tara did things a little differently. The couple wanted to make the party their own. Tara looked to Etsy and Pinterest for economical DIY ideas.

Tara didn’t use any fresh flowers but picked them all from roadsides and farm stands and then dried them so that they could be kept as souvenirs. She made all the beautiful bohemian bouquets and boutonnieres herself, such a great way to add magic to that special day.

The Food and Music: Working within a budget the couple was delighted to discover that the venue’s BBQ menu was the perfect fit for them, no caterers necessary!

Instead of an outlandishly pricey cake, they chose donuts from a local cider donut shop, yum!  Food and music were important to the couple so they had fun choosing their own songs for the day, although they chose far too many songs for the number of hours!

The great thing about doing things your own way and adding a little DIY is that not only can the results be more economical and more expressive of you, but quirky little details make the day more fun and interesting, I’m sure no one is likely to forget those donuts!

If you’re planning a day to remember, your keywords need to be love and family. One of Tara’s fondest memories of the day was dancing with her father, who sadly passed away in February, after a long battle with Parkinson’s.


Add a little love to your wedding preparations and remember what’s important. What’s special is that the aspects that were done a little differently, to save money and minimize hassle, ended up being the things that really made the day. This simple country wedding was the epitome of rustic charm and laid back bohemian vibe.


The traditional route has been done a few billion times over, if you really want to make this a day to remember: choose the right venue and choose the right dress. As for the rest…Do It Yourself.