The Perfect Wedding Dress for a Mountain Wedding

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As a bride planning a mountain wedding, there are important things to consider, such as the rugged terrain, comfort, and finding a dress that aligns with the beauty of the outdoors. As a boho bridal brand, many of our brides plan adventure outdoor weddings, and we’ve had lots of brides with incredible mountainside weddings.

Heather, a Dreamy Boho Mountain Dress – Fitted but Comfortable

Alyssa got married at the picturesque Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, a mountainous and rugged part of the Central Coast of California, surrounded by the most spectacular panoramic views. She wore the Heather fringe lace wedding dress, on her wedding day. This dress works perfectly because of the bold patterns. The floral pattern of the lace blends harmoniously with the backdrop. The off-shoulder neckline ensured that she wouldn’t be hot, or worst yet worry about sweat stains, if planning a summer outdoor wedding. Her wedding was an adventure elopement style, so it was likely only her partner, photographer, and officiant present.

She chose a comfortable design that allowed her to move around freely. Although it was a fitted style, it was comfortable to walk around in. Comfort should be a staple when choosing a dress for your mountain wedding. Mermaid styles are not good options for a mountain wedding, because you will feel restrictive. Chances are your mountainside nuptials may include hiking, so your dress should allow you the freedom to climb over rocks, or even tread through the mud.

Finally, choose a well-fitting dress. We can guarantee that you want to look your best, while not worrying about a dress malfunction. Luckily, Alyssa used our complimentary made-to-measure service, so she received a perfectly fitting wedding dress without the need for alterations. She got it home and hung it safely until the wedding day. After receiving feedback from Alyssa, it is safe to say her dress was perfect for her destination wedding, and ceremony location.

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Simone, a Flowy Boho Mountain Wedding Dress

For the bride planning a mountain wedding in the colder months, a long sleeve dress option is a perfect choice. The Simone adds a flowy feel and will be easy to move around in. The earthy foliage of the lace will blend perfectly with the natural background of the mountain scenery. The stunning train makes for great photos. There is both a wristlet and a bustle for pinning up the train. The bustle comes in handy, especially if you’re planning on hiking.



Simone Elopement Wedding Dress |Jasper K Photos


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