Vibrant and Fun Mexican Inspired Wedding

  • By Jen Hart
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Jackie and Hector’s parents had been friends since middle school, but the couple had no idea they would ever be together and hosting such a gorgeous Fiesta Wedding. Jackie visited us in our California studio, and everything about her was laidback and fresh, so we can attest that the relaxed vibe in her photos is authentic, and not just for the cameras:-) Everything from her wedding, including the vibrant pops of color, the groom’s Charro suit, and her Mexican Inspired Wedding Dress screams creative and unique. Get ready to be inspired, if a Mexican Style Wedding is on your wish list,  by this wedding filled with Cactus and hosted in the California desert. They even had a Mariachi band, and Takis was on their menu…so much fun!!

Tell us, how do did you meet?

It was destiny that Hector and I met. My parents were friends with his parents ever since I was in middle school. Hector’s first memory of meeting me was during a camping trip that our families visited. However, my first memory of meeting him was a year later outside of our parish hall. We became close friends fast, and the rest was history.

Tell us about finding your wedding dress

The search for my wedding dress started when I went to a traditional bridal shop with my mom and sister on a day off from work. It was pretty early on in my engagement, and I just wanted to explore different styles. I tried on about six dresses. All of them looking beautiful, and the online pictures made them look perfect. However, not a single one of those dresses felt right on me. I felt discouraged, so when I got home, I googled “laid back wedding dresses,” and I found Dreamers & Lovers. I was SO EXCITED looking though the website. Even though I went to one more wedding dress shop after my first visit to Dreamers & Lovers, there was nothing that compared. I knew my dress was there, and I was so happy!



Did you write your vows? If so, what was your favorite phrase, verse, or line?
We didn’t write our vows, but on the day of the wedding, our priest took us by surprise and said: “they have prepared their vows that they will share now.” The improvisation made for great vows because without having much time to think about what we wanted to say, the words came out naturally. I told him I was so excited for him to be my best friend for the rest of my life.

What is the one detail or vendor that you were so happy to have as a part of your wedding?
Honestly, the vendors we had were the best! It was such a blessing finding Dreamers & Lovers and finding a dress that made me feel comfortable and beautiful. We were so lucky to find a great Photographer/Videographer team-Poema Studios. They were the sweetest couple with such great talent. Finally, our florist was the best! She is my mother-in-law, and she put so much love into the arrangements and bouquets.

What advice do you have for other future-brides currently planning a wedding?
My biggest advice is to keep the process stress free. Remember what this day is about: you and your partner. It’s all about you guys and the love that you are celebrating.

Tell us all about the proposal
He planned a weekend full of activities, one of which included a picnic at the park on a Saturday morning. We were sitting on a blanket, eating salads and snacks, and he surprised me with the ring. After I said yes, our family came out to celebrate us from behind some nearby bushes. He planned a family dinner that same night. It was perfect because it felt so natural.

How many guests did you have?
We had about 250 guests.

Describe your wedding cake or dessert?
Real flowers adorned our wedding cake. We couldn’t pick just one flavor, so each layer was a different flavor.

Mexican Inspired Wedding Cake

What was your favorite detail of the wedding?
My favorite part of the wedding was seeing everyone that we love celebrating our love with us. Seeing everyone dancing & laughing the whole time was a testament to what our love represents. We had a blast dancing with our loved ones, and it’s a feeling I will never forget.

What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome while planning your wedding?
The only challenge that we had was that our first venue burned down due to the Malibu Fires in 2018. We had to scramble to find a new venue but ended up finding a great place.

What’s next for you as a couple?
Right now, we are both focused on our careers- Social Work and Marketing. Eventually, we would love to get a puppy! Also, we have a trip to Tokyo planned for our first anniversary. That’s super exciting for us both!

Tell us about your wedding flowers?
Our flower vendor was Rosa’s Flowers in Sylmar, CA- a small business that happens to be owned by my mother-in-law. I always joke that she’s a flower queen, but it’s true. Her talent and ability to put different flowers together is an art, and we were so blessed that she took our vision and created something beautiful.

Photo Credits: Poema Studios

Wedding Dress: Heather Lace Fringe Wedding Dress

Florist: Rosa Flowers in Sylmar, CA