Dreaming of the Day – A Boho Wedding Editorial

  • By Jen Hart
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This dreamy editorial is like a fairytale. Featured is the Dreamers & Lovers Sydnie Bell Sleeve Lace dress. Enjoy the poem we created specifically for this editorial.

Dreaming of the Day


My mother told me fairy-tales I’ve never quite outgrown

And I’ve survived a life of being imagination prone


I’m lucky to have met you, your soul as old as mine

Content to have our dreams, although they sometimes cross the line


It’s been a long time living, going mostly where I was led

To find I’m still that girl, with wild fancies in my head


I’m glad that you accept me, even when I’m acting strange

It’s good to know there’s someone here who’s not so out of range


I’m fed up with the thought of trying to be someone I’m not

It’s time I lived the fairytales I never quite forgot


You’re here to help me do that and protect me while I do

I’ll wear a boho wedding dress, the day I marry you


I’ve dreamed so many dreams of love, the look upon your face

To see me as I see myself, in lines of flowing lace


The ephemeral scent of spring from blossoms in my hair

As I arrive to meet you, when that day is finally here


I’ll show up on a summer breeze, in a simple wedding dress

I’d rather be myself for you, no pretence to impress


I should like to wear bare feet and gather soil between my toes

And walk with you under the trees ‘till evening, heaven knows


I’ll trail my dress behind me, drink rose and watch you smile

That day will last a thousand years, though we’ll only walk a mile


There’ll be magic in the midday light and laughter in the leaves

I’ll reach to take your hands in mine, my arms in fairy sleeves


And when that day is finally here, you’ll see me as I am

Like I’d stepped out of a fairytale to meet you in a dream

The  above poem was written by Dreamers & Lovers staff writer – Laura, and cannot be reproduced without the permission of Dreamers & Lovers.







VENDORS – Washington DC Based

Photographer : Brooke Michelle Photography

Florals: Lark Floral

Hair and Makeup: Pretty Weird Beauty

Planning: A Griffin Events